Questions & Answers

What types of printed products do you offer?

All of our products are printed on top-of-the-line Epson professional printers using high quality inks for accurate image reproduction and vivid colors.

Photographic Paper: These prints are produced using professional grade papers with a luster, matte or metallic finish and are printed with archival quality inks. This is the perfect fit if you already have your own frame or want to order from our framing options through our online store.

Canvas: Our canvas gallery wraps are printed on top-of-the-line canvas material with a satin finish and stretched on your choice of 0.75” or 1.5” wood stretcher bars. The pricing is the same for either depth. Canvases are shipped with sawtooth mounting hardware and wall bumpers installed, so the art will be ready to hang anywhere in your home or office.

You can select between three options for the canvas wrapping over the sides. Mirror Wrap is the most popular choice amongst our customers.

  • Full Image Wrap - A continuation of the image over the sides which will require that we crop the image.
  • Mirror Wrap - A reflection of the image onto the sides which does not require cropping.
  • Solid Color - Solid black or white are most common, but a custom color can be requested. Please contact us. 

We offer two depths of canvas prints: 0.75” or 1.5”. The depth refers to the wood stretcher bars.

  • 0.75” Depth - Mounted on ¾” solid wood stretcher bars. This depth is ideal if you want to use a photo frame. It can also hang directly on the wall, but typically the 1½” depth looks better for hanging without a frame.
  • 1.5” Depth - Mounted on 1½” solid wood stretcher bars. Ready to hang on the wall. Looks great on its own without a frame.

Aluminum Metal: The image will be printed on a sheet of aluminum metal. We offer two finishing options:

  •  White Gloss Finish - Printing on this finish gives the image additional depth and vibrance in color and richness to black & white. This finish is our highest recommendation for an amazing print.
  •  Aluminum Grain Finish - This finish allows the actual metal grain to show through the image. Please note that the silver/gray undertones of the metal will dull the vibrance of the image (whether in color or black & white); however, that is the appeal of this artistic look. The grain shows through best in the highlight areas of the image.

There are four options for hanging metal prints:

  • Not Mounted - Choose this option if you plan to display the metal print in a traditional wall frame; it will look phenomenal and glass is not needed. The print will arrive without any mounting hardware or structural backing materials (as used for Floating and Euro mounting). It will arrive as the printed metal sheet itself which is inherently flexible; therefore, it is intended to be secured inside a traditional frame.
  • Steel Stand-out Pegs - Four steel pegs in each corner of the print giving it a modern and industrial finishing touch. Additionally, an inset frame will be added to the back of the metal sheet as the actual mounting hardware. This structure will keep the metal flat and make it appear to be floating on the wall. It will not be visible from the front, and barely (if at all) visible from other angles.
  • 1.25” Euro Mounting - For a sleek finish, the printed aluminum sheet of metal will be mounted on a 1.25" deep aluminum frame siding in matte black. This mounting option has a similar look as to how a canvas gallery wrap is displayed as a finished product.
  • Inset Floating Mount - This mounting method creates a floating effect and allows the print to cast a nice shadow on the wall. A metal frame structure is affixed to the back of the print, and inset to minimize visibility from most viewing angles. The print will sit approximately 5/8" off the wall.

What print sizes do you offer?
We specialize in printing ranges from 8x10" to 40x60" and wall art which is intended to be displayed on a wall. There are a variety of enlargement sizes & shapes to suit your needs such as portrait (vertical), landscape (horizontal), square and panoramic. 

Can I order a print in a custom size?
Our products are made-to-order, so we would be happy to create custom measurements for you. We can typically accommodate custom sizes up to 40" and any custom length for photo paper printing, 36" by a custom length for canvas and 40x60" for metal prints. It just depends on the size you need and the photo that you are inquiring about.  Please contact us to request a quote.

Do you offer custom framing?
Yes, custom framing is our specialty! Every customer or seller may have a different need, so we offer our frames with or without plexi. We use standard plexi (acrylic) because it will not break during shipping. Please refer to the frame section of our store to view a variety of moulding options. The frame will arrive ready to hang with sawtooth hanging hardware and wall bumpers installed. A cardboard-like backing layer is automatically included with plexi orders. We also offer specialty frames for metal art pieces (refer to the Aluminum Metal printing section for more details).

Can I frame my canvas?
Yes, if the canvas is stretched on 0.75” (¾") stretcher bars then you can use most any standard frame. You may use your own frame or purchase one of ours. There are a number of frame mouldings in various colors and styles within our frame store. We will print the side wrap color as solid white as it will not be visible once framed unless you specify otherwise. 

Will the colors shown on my monitor be exactly how the image prints?
Every computer screen displays images differently. The colors shown on your monitor may be close to what is printed, but we cannot guarantee a perfect match. If your image needs dramatic color correction please opt for adding on our photo retouching service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


What are the usual turnaround time frames?
Your artwork will be made-to-order. Typical turnaround times vary for different items.

Canvas Gallery Wraps - Up to 5-7 business days production time and an additional 2-3 days for orders with framing.

Prints on Photo Paper - Up to 5-7 business days production time and an additional 2-3 days for orders with framing.

Aluminum Metal Prints - Up to 15 business days production time and an additional 2-3 days for orders with framing.

Frames - Average 7-10 business days production time.

Custom orders, and canvases or metal prints larger than 30x40”, may take a little longer to produce. If we have questions for any reason regarding your order, production may be affected depending on your response time to our inquiry. Production times may also increase by a few days to accommodate a larger volume of orders during peak holiday season in the months of November and December.


Prints Using Your Own Photos

How do I place an order for an art print using my own photograph?
ordering software makes it easy for you to choose from the many options available to customize your masterpiece!

1. Place the order: Select a size from our photo papers, canvas or metal and add it to your shopping cart. You can also add a frame to your cart if you like! Then, proceed with the check-out payment process.

2. Upload your photo(s): Simply click on the "Upload An Image" button (located in the bottom left corner on the Home page) and follow the step-by-step instructions. You do not need a Dropbox account. You will be prompted to enter your name and email address which will match your product order.


Which digital image file formats do you accept?
Using a JPEG file is the best option and is typically the format saved by most digital cameras. We can also use TIFF images, but it will take a little longer to upload the image. We do not accept original prints mailed to us or film strip negatives.


Are there any tips for preparing the digital photo?
Zoom in close to inspect your image for unwanted pixellation or excess sharpening. If you have your own photo editing software, take a look at the details of the photo to see if there is any fine tuning you can do to make the photo the best it can be prior to submitting (such as removing red eye, dust specks, unwanted spots, etc.) If you would prefer to let us handle the graphic work, then we also offer minor to heavy photo retouching services for an additional charge.

How do I know if the file size of my digital photo is sufficient for the size print that I want to print?
No problem, we will let you know after you have uploaded your photo. Digital file sizes in the range of Kilobytes (Example: 700KB) such as photos taken on a cell phone or sized for posting on social media sites are commonly too small to make a quality print. Some cell phones take photos of decent file size, so just check first. Photos that have been emailed to you or used on social media may look good when viewed on a monitor/screen, but they may not be a good quality for printing so try to track town the original version as it will likely be a much larger file size. For best quality, digital files should be at least 1 or more Megabytes (Example: 1.0 MB) to produce a quality wall print. Or, 2MG to 5MG is even better for printing very large sizes like 24x36" and up. If you use Photoshop, make sure that the “Quality” options in the “Save” dialog box are set to “best” or “high.” Rest assured our in-lab technicians will review your digital file before printing and contact you if there are any issues with the size. If you have chosen a size that is too large for the resolution of your digital photograph, then we will help you to decide on a new size that is appropriate.

If your digital file is extremely large, such as 10MB or larger, TIFF, or another format, please contact us so we can give assistance.

Placing an Order

How do I place an order?

  1. From the Home page, click the "Upload An Image" button located at the bottom left corner.
  2. The next screen will prompt you to enter your contact information.
  3. Double click on the specific photo that you would like to order, then click the "Continue" button.
  4. Next comes the fun part of choosing custom options to make this art piece your own. Follow the pop-up prompts in the black boxes.

What forms of payment do you take?
We use Stripe and PayPal as  widely recognized and secure payment services. When you are ready to check-out with your shopping cart, immediately a PayPal pop-up window will display.  Click on the orange "Checkout" button to enter your payment information. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still purchase with VISA or Mastercard through PayPal by selecting the option to proceed with checkout as a “guest”.  We also accept your credit card details by phone.

Will sales tax be added to my order?
It depends on where the product will be shipped to. We are required to collect sales tax on orders shipped to a location within the state of California. However, we can waive sales taxes for your California customers who have a valid California Resale Certificate. Please scan and email a copy of your Resale Certificate to

How do I know if you received my order and how do I obtain a receipt?
Once you have submitted your order, an order confirmation containing your purchase details will automatically be emailed to you. Therefore, it is very important that you enter a valid email address during the checkout process.

May I make a correction to my order after it has been submitted?
We can not make any guarantees; it just depends on how quickly you contact us. Our customer service phone number is 661-747-0937.

Caring for your art pieces

How do I hang my canvas?
Canvases include one or more pieces of hardware sufficient to support its weight. We install sawtooth bracket(s) and wall bumpers on the back of the canvas so it will be ready to hang upon arrival. The hardware included will work on most walls.

Is there anywhere I should not hang my art piece?
Our products are designed to be displayed indoors only and should not be exposed to direct sunlight or high-humidity areas. We are not liable for product replacement if the art was displayed outside or in other abrasive areas. 

How should I clean my art piece?
Typically your art piece will just need a light dusting every now and then with a feather duster or dry soft cloth.

Can I add paint or other media on top of the art piece?
You can add additional paint or finishes to your art piece at your own discretion. However, we will not warranty it any longer if any aftermarket finishes or paints are applied to our product.


Shipping Options

What are your standard shipping options and procedures?
We take extra care in our packaging process to ensure your product arrives in perfect condition direct to your office or residence. All packages are shipped via UPS Ground or USPS from Southern California which typically takes 3-5 business days to arrive anywhere within the contiguous United States. Alaska, Hawaii and international orders are only available for shipping on a case-by-case basis, please contact us for a custom quote. 
You will receive a UPS tracking number via email when your package has been mailed. Please note that large quantity orders and custom oversized art may require additional shipping fees. Please contact us for a quote if rush shipping or rush production is needed.

Do you offer shipping outside of United States?
Please contact us at 661-747-0937 or by email to get a custom quote as special shipping rates will apply. 
Recipients outside of the United States are responsible to pay all applicable customs and duty fees

Return Policy

What is your Return/Refund policy? 

Your art is printed and assembled on a made-to-order basis to ensure that you receive the highest quality product available. Therefore, refunds are not available. However, we want you to be completely satisfied with your new art piece, so if you choose to return it, please contact us within 5 days of the delivery date. Please return the art in its original packaging. The customer will be responsible for all shipping charges (the original shipping, the return of the art and the shipping of the new art piece). As soon as we receive the returned item  (in the same perfect condition), at that time we will issue a 14-day store credit for the exact amount of the item’s original purchase price, excluding shipping.  If the customer does not respond with the choice of the new art piece within the 14 days, then the store credit will become forefeit.

What if the package arrives damaged? 

If in a rare case that the item is being returned due to manufacturing defect or shipping damage, then the item will be replaced at no cost to the customer and standard shipping fees for the new product will be covered as well. 

IMPORTANT: The customer is responsible to inspect the package and the product inside immediately upon delivery. Any product defects or transit damage must be reported WITHIN 5 CONSECUTIVE DAYS of the delivery date.  Please take pictures of the damaged area of the shipping box and the damage of the product, and email them to us WITHIN 5 CONSECUTIVE DAYS of the package delivery date. The damaged item(s) must be returned inside ALL the same packaging in which it arrived, including the box, all bubble wrap, stuffing paper, corner protectors, plastic poly bag, original shipping label, etc. This is imperative for filing the insurance claim on this package. After reporting the damage to us with pictures, we will contact the shipping carrier promptly to file a claim. Please seal up the package along with all the original packaging as it will be picked up by the carrier, likely on the next business day. The box may be left outside the front door for pick up. The package may ONLY be picked up at the original shipping address on the order. As soon as the package returns to the carrier, the damage will be inspected and forwarded to us within 2-3 business days. Once the item has returned to us and the carrier's approval for reimbursement is approved, we will begin the production of your new product immediately and ship to you. 

We are only responsible for the product arriving to the original shipping location listed on the order form. Our Shop and the Shipping Carrier are not responsible for damaged product replacement if the package is outside of 5 days from its delivery date, stolen after delivery, or if the item has been re-shipped elsewhere after it has been delivered to the original shipping address on the order. Re-shipping constitutes mailing the product in the same packaging whether it was opened or unopened, as well as shipping the product in different packaging to an additional location.